Welcome to the Beloit Area Chamber of Commerce!

Our mission is to help our members grow and prosper by enhancing the business climate and quality of life in Beloit and the surrounding areas.


In 1902, The Beloit Commercial Club was formed to promote the business interests of the city of Beloit; induce manufacturers and other industries to locate in said city and to invite immigration to said city and to Mitchell county and hold and convey such real estate as may be necessary in the transaction of its said business.  Directors of the board were:  A.T. Rodgers; W.H. Mitchell; Herman Baer; M.M. Rowley; Frank A Lutz; Frank T. Burnham and P.G. Chubbis. In 1932, Beloit Commercial Club changed the name to Beloit Chamber of Commerce.  It was witnessed by Board President N.M. Olson and Board Secretary W. Gabel. In 1979, Board President Doug Johnson and Board Secretary Larry Powell filed an amendment with the State to change the name again to what we are today, the Beloit Area Chamber of Commerce.

Today our membership is thriving with over 160 members. Our focus is on growth, prosperity and increased value. The future is bright and great things are happening in the Beloit Area thanks to our amazing members and their desire for improving the quality of life in the community.

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